Calvary Endowed Scholarship Fund


The mission of the scholarship fund is to provide financial support for students pursuing higher and continuing education and to support Christian applicants of Calvary UMC whose education will assist them in living out their faith.

The fund was originally formed in 1970 as The Calvary Foundation, separate from the church. Calvary Church members and local residents known to be instrumental in its formation were Ruby and Lavon Linn, Woodrow “Woody” Walker, General Faw, and Mr. Roy Hale. In 2019, the Foundation was dissolved, and its assets donated to the Church to continue the Foundation’s core mission.

Information submitted in this application is for the use of the Scholarship Committee only and will be treated in a confidential manner. The fully completed application and proof of acceptance to a program/school must be submitted by March 15th.


Applicant Guidelines

  1. Any active participant or member of CUMC, regardless of age, who is enrolled in
    a certificate, career, or degree program, may apply for consideration.
  2. Application deadline is March 15th.
  3. The applicant must be an active participant/member of CUMC (for at least two years – please see the list of ministries at this link.
  4. College/grad school applicant must be enrolled/accepted as a student. Those applying for certificate and continuing education programs must specify program. Funds are nontransferable.
  5. Applicants will only be eligible to receive funding each year for up to four (4) years.
  6. Scholarships for college/graduate school will be paid to the school by August 1.
  7. Scholarships for non-degree certificate or license programs will be paid to the educational institution operating the program. A receipt for payment should be included with this application.
  8. Unused funds due to removal from educational institution will be returned to the Calvary Endowed Scholarship Fund.
  9. It is up to the discretion of the committee to determine candidate eligibility and to alter amounts of money given on a yearly basis.

Definition of Active Member or Active Participant
(Must meet at least one of these criteria)

  1. Membership—via confirmation or confession of faith—for at least 2 years prior to a request for funds.
  2. Regular attendance at Sunday worship services, Sunday School, or special services.
  3. Has participated in Missions to others, Fellowship with peers and/or church family, and Service to the church.