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We invite you to celebrate the joy of generosity and encourage you to find greater contentment and simplicity in your lives by putting God first in your giving and living. One way to grow deeper in our faith is to offer our financial blessings to God through our tithes and offerings. Through these gifts, we invest in God’s vision and purpose and create an opportunity for God to work through us.

You can set up a recurring payment with Online Giving. Online Giving is the easiest, most cost-effective option for both you and the church. It reduces processing time and staffing needs. It simplifies your giving and ensures that the church receive gifts evenly throughout the year. Online giving also helps you commit your tithes and offerings to God first, before anything else.

Online Giving Account

To set up your online giving account: 

Click here to be directed to the E-Giving website.

The first time you visit you will be asked to create a registration login to the E-Giving website. Your information is stored by and is not accessible by church staff. More information about electronic giving is available by emailing the Church Office at, or calling (703) 892-5185.


You can also make a donation by texting “give” to 703-936-2684.

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Estimate of Giving for 2023

Vision: God’s grace, love, and hope are embodied here and in the world.
Mission: To be a church where faith is fostered, community is cherished, and Christ’s love thrives.

I (we) would like to make an estimate of giving to Calvary United Methodist Church for the year 2022.


Giving Through Stock

If you have been thinking about making a gift of stocks, etc. to Calvary, you can do so and

a. avoid all broker commissions/fees,

b. avoid all capital gains taxes,

c. take the full market value of the security (regardless of what you originally paid),

d. benefit Calvary with the full market value.

For further information, contact Courtney Howell at the Virginia United Methodist Foundation at 804-521-1122, the Calvary UMC Office at 703-892-5185 or


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