Outdoor Worship


Calvary is now providing in-person outdoor worship every Sunday morning at 9 AM. This service is held in Calvary’s parking lot (for chairs not cars) on South Grant St. For more information please read below.  To register please click the button above. Registration begins each Wednesday and ends Friday afternoon.


9 a.m. outdoor worship

This is a New Way to Worship

In addition to our ongoing 11 a.m. online service, we are pleased to now offer an in-person outdoor Sunday worship service.  Our in-person service will be held in Calvary’s parking lot and will use the existing parking spaces as social distance markers for congregants to sit in – vehicles are not permitted in the parking lot.

How many can attend?

Space is Limited to 70 People

 We are using Eventbrite as a reservation system. Each week a registration link will be posted on this page. Everyone who wants to attend the 9 am service should register by Saturday at noon before a given Sunday service. A vital component of the reservation system is acknowledging the health assessment. Each individual must register, though a parent can register for a minor child. We ask that families send a note to CalvaryHCT@gmail.com to alert us of large groups arriving together.  Additionally, every week space is provided for those who walk-up without having registered online. Walk-ins fill out printed Registration/Health Forms before entering.  


Masks Must be Worn

The ushers will not allow anyone without a mask into the parking lot.  Please consider the covenant we all have to live in community together at Calvary and to keep each other safe.  


Please allow extra time to arrive.  Since the parking lot is closed to vehicles, please park at Melwood (750 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202), or on the street, or walk.  If you are coming as a family, plan to arrive together. There are two available entrances – the Grant Street and 24th Street entrance.  Ushers may direct you to the other entrance if one has too long of a line.   Chairs are provided for every attendee.

Space will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Upon check-in, you will be directed by the ushers to an open space. Though there is ample walking room between the spaces, we want to minimize passing each other.  

Comfortable attire is encouraged. It’s summertime and may be hot, though most spaces are shaded at that time of morning. Feel free to bring water or personal handheld fans as you see fit. Bathrooms will not be available, except in the event of an emergency.

Summertime means possible rain showers. The service will not go on if it is raining – we will notify all who registered as early as possible, though please check the weather before you leave.  

We will learn and adjust as we move forward. We ask for your patience and indulgence.

We are looking forward to seeing your faces in the parking lot!



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